Original manga in 1 page(English) "My talent is on sale"

This is a 1 page manga in English about a high-achieving high school girl who aims to get into a prestigious university for her sick mother.

Original manga in 1 page(English) "My talent is on sale"

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"So great. You took first place in the grade again?" "Yes. I must go to that university, and become doctor to treat you, mom."
"I can't complain about your grade. But you can't go to that university in your economic situation..."
""Will you sell your talent?"...?" "From the daughter of that famous house!?"
"You know brain transplant is now possible, right?" "Ah..., yes."
"I'd like to ask you for an exchange transplantation of brain parts of you and my lady related to academic ability." "Of course, I must pay you enough."
"I think this isn't bad for your sick mother."
"Mom, good for you.  You're all right now." "Yes, thanks."
"But are you really okay? Your grade went bad..." "Not at all. Because..."
"I could have turned a useless thing into money."

(Mr. ○○'s daughter entered the prestigious university.)