Original manga in 1 page(English) "Our guru"

This is a 1 page manga in English about the secrets of a religious group with many believers.

Original manga in 1 page(English) "Our guru"

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"Guru! Give me your entrustment, please!!" "............"
"The god is always watching you. Work with confidence."
"Tha..., thank you very much...!!" "Good for you."
"All believers came home." "Then...,"
"We must maintain the “Guru""
"We changed from IT engineer to priest, and succeeded." "That's right.  I couldn't predict it works so well with a conversation AI app improved a little."
"But, I wonder if this won't be bald by them..." "Don't worry. Reason for religion has only  a few patterns. And...,"
"Do you predict," "this will be bald by such ones?"