Original manga in 1 page(English) "Will to change the world"

This is a 1 page manga in English of a venture capitalist presidenttrying to sell an innovative technology that could change the world.

Original manga in 1 page(English) "Will to change the world"

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"I finally completed. This system can make food from CO2 with water and solar energy..."
"This can solve both environmental and food problems. The world changes!" "All you have to do is sell, do your best!"
"I can't trust such a system. You don't scam me?"
"I have nothing to do with future.Sell it to others."
"You divorce me? Why...!?" "Sorry, I can't follow you anymore..."
"Wait! I will surelysucceed soon..!"


(Prompt for debt repayment)

"I used to be a president of a venture company..."
"Won't you try again?" "Now I can't..."
"The world never tries to change..."

(The CO2 concentration recorded the worst ever. The abnormal weather is just getting worse.)