Original manga "FEGEAR"(English) 6th "Captain Gilman"

Original robot manga in English, 6th

Kalm and Folnandi's collaboration to save Kima from an accident

at the construction site has succeeded in reconciling them. 
After seeing their work, Enli and the three go to the police
station to meet with their collaborator, Inspector Gilman in order
to receive their proper reward from the police. 
However, Enli has another purpose in mind... 



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"OK? The police is,"
"an absolute organization that protects the order of the country" "with overwhelming authority and strength."
"We can't save face if we follow children like you easily."
"What is this vexing woman?" "Oh, well."
"When you ask the police to do something" "you have to offer a thing with good value."
"You're the smart girl. You know that, right?"

FEGEAR 6th:Captain Gilman
Hisashi Saruta

"Oh, no.
You became
cuter again?
My kitte~n."

Boing Boing

"Don't call me kitten!"
"Do you believe in fate?" "I believe it."
"Our meeting too, is definitely..." "............"
"Hey, that's enough. Give her back."


"Well, I was paid the price..."
"I'll make a complaint to the station." "Oh, yeah. Thanks..."
"............" "But still,"
"It's very ungrateful to you for solving a case" "a real embarrassment to the police."
"Bring me 5 drinks." "Yes, Captain."
"Let's sit down and keep talking." "Huh?"
"You still have something to talk, right?"
"You find?" "I find."
"It's been quite a while since that time."



"Here. It's open."
"Captain, get to the front door, please."
"3 soaking wet children visited and..."
"They want to meet some important person..."


"You are...?" "You are the police, right...?"
"You are supposed to catch the bad guys, right...?" "Then, help us out..."
"We know a very bad guy."
"Anyway, take a shower and change your clothes."
"We'll hear from you after it."
"Captain, do you trust such shady children?"
"I wonder that is just a prank..."
"They are certainly shady."
"But," "Their eyes..."
"Those are eyes of human that saw some really horrible thing." "It's just like hell..."
"............" "Certainly, we shouldn't trust them before their talk."


"Hey, sorry we are late."
"Eat a little. We'll hear after it." "Ah."
"You've helped us. The police is kinder than I expecte..."


"How old are you? Do you want to play with me!?" "!?"
"Wha..., what's this pervert!? Call the police...!!" "Enli.., this is the police station......"
"Well, that's why."
"As an adult, I can't leave children in pain, right?" "I see. I don't care about the second half."
"Come to think of it..."
"I've never seen you before." "Ah, this one?"
"Folnandi=Egen. He needs money, so we hire him as a part-timer." "Huh." "Hey, who's a part-timer?"
"............" "You..."
"I think I've seen you somewhere..."
"No, I probably have a wrong memory..." "Forget it."
"So let's get back on topic."
"Why did you come all the way out here to see me?" "Yes."
"Do you know anti-fegear organizasion,"
"Regression Front of Old Industry"?
"Of course."
"That organization was recently founded, and it's very active and making a name for itself."
"It calls itself an anti-fegear organization."
"Their true character is rumored to be an agent and an executive team of Federation." "Federation orders them to do their dirty work and damage reputation of anti-fegear. Federation can do it."
"What's wrong with that organization?" "............"
"A murder of an inspector who came to Kal-bro's work place."
"An assault on an inspector we guarded the other day."
"In addition to them, there have been other incidents where people of Federation are being attacked."
"The organization is doing them, right?"
"I see." "You came here today to check it out."
"That's right." "The recent attacks on Federation officials were committed by them."
"So, why are you so obsessed with those guys?"
This video you gave me the other day,"
"I found out the guys oing the deals in this are that "Regression Front of Old Industry""
"Among them..." "Yes."
"He is in it." "Sauly=Cliek."
"So if we go after this organization..." "You can reach him."
"But you are really vindictive. I don't know how you do it on your own..." "Of course I do."
"Because I live only to make him deserve it."
"We're continuing to investigate them. They haven't harmed only people of Federation."
"We are investigating possibility of their connection to Federation,too. But it's inside Federation, so we're having a hard time..." "............"
"Perhaps he's behind this."
"Director of the finance department of Herval," "Milchard=Kiro..."
"I wanna ask Director to review this data..." "No, he can't now."
"He's working in his room." "When he does that, he's never with us for a while."

pi pi- pi pi

"OK, OK. Our company's Money is going around the world in a nice way today, too."


"Shit. Who? I'm working!"
"Hi, sir. What can I do for you?"
"Well, it's predictable." "You're complaining I've recently been using the guys of "Regression Front of Old Industry" too often, right?"


"It's these guy's fault. I provided the Money for them."
"One tried to invest in his local company..."
"One tried to use the Money to pay off his debts..."
"We've known each other a long time, you know."
"I hate" "guys who don't use the Money right the most."
"You should be more forgiving." "You're the great businessman. But,"
"Without our help, Herval wouldn't have become so much company."
"Huh? That's not all you're talking about?" "The guys of RFOI...?"
"............" "They're... doing again?"
"Yes, sir." "I'll be there to handle it."

Bang Bang

plink plink


"An anti-fegear's machine that attacked the Pilsen's factory is on the run in this city!" "Residents, please do not leave the building!!"


"Shit, so quick!!" "And that one...!"
"We can't predict the path!!"
"That's enjoying trifling with us!!"
"Yeah, we'll take care of it."
"It's enough data of the opponent for you, right?"
"I'll see what happens. My kitten."

crisp crisp

"Don't call me kitten!"
"Kal-bro, the opponent has a 94% possibility of coming from south of the 4th intersection 5 minutes and 13 second later." "And, Kima sent you a picture."
"He said the weak point of the opponent's machine is a cable bundle on its left flank."







"We shut down the machine."
"Come and get the criminal." "Roger."
"Good job. Nice work, as usual."
"It's a little rough as usual, too." "Shut up." "Sorry."
"Maybe that criminal..." "Yes."
"He is likely to be a member of RFOI." "We may get some new information from an interrogation."
"Maybe I'll get you in trouble again." "We don't care."
"Not bad in exchange for your cooperation."
"I appreciate it." "I of course pay fair compensation."
"I'm the honest police officer."