Original manga "FEGEAR"(English) 7th "Regression Front of Old Industry"

Original robot manga in English, 7th

Captain Gilman asks Kalm and the others to dismantle the radical
anti-fegear organization, Regression Front of Old Industry.
With suspecting Sauly's involvement in the organization,
Kalm and the others accept the request and go to the town where
the organization is based.  What is waiting for them in the town
where dangerous rumors continue...?



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follow us in feedly


"A checkpoint...?"
"Local police?"


"A battle type fegear and a craft car..." "Are you guys mercenaries?"
"Ah, yes..." "How  can you guys come to such a dangerous town."
"Well, don't die at best." "............"

FEGEAR 7th:Regression Front of Old Industry
Hisashi Saruta

"A request that our police are asking you to do this time is..."
"A dissolution work of the anti-fegear organization, "Regression Front of Old Industry""
"The interrogation of the criminal we arrested with you the other day provided us with," "valuable information."
"This organization is growing in strength." "But there seems to be a lot of conflicts among them."
"I want you guys to  go to their home town and do work."
"We are asking you because of your abilities and your pursuit of Sauly=Criek..."
"But I personally don't like it." "Because it's too dangerous."
"In that town, they seem to rule over the inhabitants by force," "and are at the edge of tyranny."
"So I'm going to leave it up to you to decide if you accept the reque..." "It's of course."
"I do it." "If I can get close to Sauly."
"Sis..." "That's right."
"We can't ignore something that he's going to do."
"Fol, will you go?"
"It depends on the reward."
"What to do?"
"It's a lot different with this guy."
"OK." "I promise the reward as far as I can."


"Um, anything to me...?" "Yes."
"About Kitten." "About Sis?"
"She will..." "kill Sauly, right?"
".........!" "She isn't clear with me as an officer. But her eyes have intent to kill."
"So, I want you to keep your eye on her."
"We too, can't let Sauly free. So we're cooperating with you guys." "Not to make you murder."
"............" "...Kima."
"Kima!" "!!"
"What's wrong? We can go through the checkpoint now."
"............" "Ah..., OK."



"Are you guys kidding!?"


"I hear you've been offered fegears from Federation again!!"
"Aren't you pathetic!?"
"You follow such guys...! In the first place..."
"We're anti-fegear!" "You're a contradiction!!"
"Hey, Zaman. You shouldn't do it anymo..." "Shut up!!"
"Today, today I can't...!" "Stop it."
"Hmph, you guys..."
"I wonder you spend more time struggling than acting."
"Oh, hello. Director Kiro." "Shit, an exective of Herval comes here."
"What the hell are you doing here?" "Year, it's on the president's order."
"I've been ordered to make you get along a little better."
"Well. Then, even more so, we can't do it."


"Let's go, Girie." "Hey, Zaman..."


"Shit." "Hmph, he's a pain. Because he 's an idiot or a child..."  
"Well, he'll soon find that" "It's not enough to be idealistic in this world."
"You're adults, so you should be a little more understanding."
"You are, for better or worse, the center around here." "If there's a problem with your activities..."
"The circulation of money around here will get worse, too."
"So, let's have a drink and talk about work." "Yes, sir."


"We're about to enter the RFOI's central dominated area."
"Hey." "What?"
"Is it safe to go in boarding Ordin? Will we stand out...?"
"They have fegears, too. You'd better be on board so you can deal with them if they attack."
"It' s in contradiction with the philosophy of their organization, though." "............"


"......!?" "Shooting!?"

Ba ba ba bang

ban ban ban Ban

"Shooting in multiples from the woods...!?"
"Small models!?" "No..."
"Multiple reactions that are about 170 centimeters in size and have a temperature of about 36 degrees Celsius..."
"Flesh and blood humans." "Aa!?"
"What about the craft car?" "Leave it."
"Aim only the fegear."

Bam Bam Bam

"Girie, aim for the machine's back."





"You bastard!!"



"Hey, aim accurately." "Idiot! That's flesh and blood!!"
"Predict their attack!!" "I can never!! I've never seen such guys!!"

Ba ba ba bang








"Kal-bro! Fol!!"
"Kima! Follow them!!" "Yes!!"


"I'm glad you all look good."
"............" "A..., ah......"
"Let's talk leisurely after a long time."
"This is broken everywhere, and can't move." "............"
"I can't believe......" "fegear was stopped by flesh and blood guy......"
"Hey." "!"
"Come out early."


"What are you thinking? We did nothing wrong..." "Huh."
"Because you guys came into our territory without permission."
"Huh, you guys are inconsiderate. You're agents of the Federation, and good..."




"We're never such ones."
"We are."
"Hey, follow us. You're prisoners." "............"
"I'm the one who talked." "Well, see you."
"I love you."


"...Kima." "...!"
"Call them." "Ah..., yes."
"Bro, Fol-san, are you okay?"
"Respond if you hear me."
"Nope, no respond..."


"Probably they became prisoners... no," "Maybe they've already been killed......"
"Don't give up! It' still not clear that they've been killed..."



"Hey, Revan. these kids..." "Yes, we've worked with them before."
"You guys..."
"What are you doing here?"