Original manga "FEGEAR"(English) 8th "A town with suspicion"

Original robot manga in English, 8th

A sudden attack by the anti-fegear organization, Regression Front of
Old Industry stopped their machine, and Kalm and Folnandi are
captured and made their prisoners. Enli and Kima, left behind and
at their wits' end, reunited with a mercenary, Revan and his friends
who they had met while guarding the Federation's inspection.
Enli tries to ask them to rescue Kalm, but...



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"There' no sign of a violent struggle."
"They probably followed the enemy and became prisoners."
"Then, I'll call them immediately..." "Wait."
"If they were prisoners, their devices would probably have been taken or abandoned, and" "If you connect with them, the enemy may find out about us."
"You should give up contacting." "Yes..."
"Anyway, we shouldn't stay in such a place for long."
"Let's get your machine and leave here."

FEGEAR 8th:A town with suspicion
Hisashi Saruta


"Thank you for bringing our machine." "All right, never mind."
"This isn't free." "What?"
"Don't worry. I'm not gonna take a lot of money from kid." "............"
"Uh, you're Revan..., right?"
"Have you come to this town for work?" "Yeah, we're here to do a little security work."
"You're mercenaries, right? Are you sure of your strength?" "Well, we're to a point."
"I was wondering... if I could request you to work?" "!"
"I wish you could help us save Kal-bro..., our brother and fellow......"
"...! It's..." "No kidding!!"
"Are you asking us to fight RFOI!? We're going to leave such a town as soon as our work is done...!!" "Calm down, Janka."
"Well, whether we get the work or not,"
"let's go to some place where we can  hide our fegears and talk calmly."
"This machine that we just stopped seems..." "to be a middle class battle type of Herval."
"This is the best result we' ve ever had." "Wow!"
"This will be a strong show of our power to the Federationists."
"The pilots became our prisoners, but..." "Are these all their possessions?"
"The devices have no suspicious data nor file." "But, Zaman..."
"Shouldn't we have aimed for the craft car, too? That might have been the one with some important information..." "Hey, stop!"
"............" "You..."
"Do you complain about my way?"
".........!" "No, no...!"
"That's good." "Where are you going?"
"I'll go and check on the prisoners."

tap tap


"Hey, come on. Calm down."
"How can you calm down!?" "It's no use panicking."
"Now we just wait for,"
"the change of circumstances." "By some action of your brothers or guys of RFOI."
"You're right, but..." "Hey, guys."


"Your meals. Eat."

"Huh, I can never eat such one."


"Don't be extravagant, prisoner."
"Did you cook this?"
"Yes. Do you complain..." "Yes, I do."
"Too much salt and the broth is too little." "Don't waste precious foods."
"Hey, what's this guy?" "Don't worry. He's just an idiot."
"Cook as I say. It'll taste better." "............"
"Oh, are you recooking?" "Shut up!"
"What about this time?" "Not this either."
"Now the salt is too little." "The sizes of vegetables are different, so they don't heat up properly..."


"Then cook on your own!!"
"If you do something weird, I'll shoot you right now." "No guns in the kitchen."

chop chop

boil boil

"It's ready."
"Try it."
"Good...!!" "It' s true! It's very good!!"
"Compared to this, Zaman's meal is like pig feed...!!" "What!?"
"Give me more!" "Me too!!"
"OK, eat a lot."


"............" "Hey, Zaman. Let's make him one of us!"
"No kidding! He's a prisoner...!" "............"
"Well..., " "I''ll at least let him do the prisoner's work."


"Make this pot full of that meal."
"Why?" "Just do it."
"And, follow me."



"Where are we going?" "Shut up and get in."
"Hmph, you're not very nice..." "...!"
"A closed factory...?" "!"
"Hey, is that the fegear factory...?"
"I told you to shut up and get in."



"Hey, this is..." "Zaman!!"
"Hey, gu-ys. Zaman's here-!" "Zaman!" "Zaman!!" "Hi, you guys. Have you been well?"
"I've brought you plenty of good food today."
"Good!" "Very good!!"
"Come on, prisoner. Move more quickly." "Then unlock this!"
"Zaman, can I have more?"
"Yeah, don't be shy. Eat up..." "Hey."
"...Dad!" "Let's go digging for stone. Get ready."
"Come on, follow me!"


"No! No!"
"No stone is going to be found anymore, no matter how much we di-g!!"
"Hey, stop it!" "Damn it. Stay out of this, terrorist."
"Anyway you're going to feed them now, and make them your underlings later." "............!"
"No! Zaman never thinks such...!!" "!"


"Are you on the side of a terrorist over your father-!?"






"Don't hit your child!!"
"Guys here and that factory, what's going on in this town!?"
"Explain it!" "............"


"Do you know this man?"
"Who's this middle-aged?" "A member of Federation?"
"Yes, now he's it. But he used to be in this town..."


"This guy and fegear made this town into this......!"

"That's terrible." "I' m afraid the best restaurant in town serves such dishes..."
"It proves that money in this town doesn't flow well."
"Our president wants to improve the situation of both RFOI and this town, but..."
"Neither they nor you who support them, seem to be willing to do it."
"You're so heartless, right?"
"You are the former mayor."
"I'm not from that town, and" "I just went there because it seemed I could easily become the top of the town and get some achievements."
"By the way, I recently hired a young boy with good potential."
"I used to make him get parts for fegear..." "I decided to let him work as an intermediary between me and there."
"He may see you eventually, too."