Original manga "FEGEAR"(English) 9th "An abandonned town"

Original robot manga in English, 9th

Kalm, the prisoner of the RFOI, acts together with Zaman, the leader of
the boy soldiers. In his town, there is a closed factory of Herval and
the residents are poor and desolate. Zaman begins to talk about the
Federation and the former mayor as the cause of this situation...



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"Don't do anything weird." "I never."
"Then tell about this town."
"Everybody in this town used to dig for stone, like this guy..."
"Stone named neodymium."
"So the Federation..., Herval built the factory in this town."

FEGEAR 9th:An abandoned town
Hisashi Saruta

"Hey." "What's neodymium?"
"Are you... really a pilot?"
"Do you know fegear is moved by many motors?"
"Uh? Yes."
"Neodymium is used as the material for the magnets in these motors."
"You need plenty of it to build fegear."

We could dig tons of that neodymium in this town.
Everybody dug it very hard and delivered it to the factory.

"Hi, everyone."

"Good work every day."
"These are for you." "Thank you, Mr. Mayor."

This town was rich thanks to
Neodymium and the factory,
and everybody was happy.


"No matter how hard we dig, we can't find it. Have we already dug it all up...?"
"It's not possible!"
"More digging will surely find it again!!"

Little children like me dug together as hard as we could,
However the result didn't change.

"Damn it! Why can't I get!!"
"The factory's delivery date is long past..."
"Don't give up!!"
"A little..., We work a little harder, and surely..."


"Hello. Oh, Mr. Mayor. Sorry, can you ask the factory to extend the delivery date just a little longer..."
"The factory leaves this town......?"
"You also quit as mayor...!?" "Wait a minute, please!!"
"So suddenly...! When is it!?" "So fast...!?"
"It's as if you've been preparing this for a long time..." "……!!"
"You were planning to do that when the stone stopped appearing from the beginning...?"
"You betray us..., this town!?" "...I betray?"
"You betrayed me."
"I'm really sorry."
"I expected more from your work."


beep beep...


"No kidding, Herval! Mayor!!" "Come out and explain!!"
"Zaman, are you okay to come together?"
"I'm okay, Dad."



They used fegears to overpower us.
Fegears with our stones.


Ban Ban

"Tear gas canisters!?" "Damn it!!"




"Dad!" "DAaad!!"
"Mo..., m......"


"Hey, you guys! That's enough!!" "Shut the fuck up! Then try to stop us!!"

"They're doing it again. " "Leave them alone."
"They call themselves the anti-fegear, Regression Front of Old Industry, but..."
"It's just the Federation's minions are doing whatever they want."


"Zaman, where are you going?"
"I join their construction." "Huh!?"
"Are you serious!? With such guys...!" "Yes, they are just fakes."
"I'm going to turn it into the real anti-fegear."
"The Federation......, it's bad that fegear exists......"
"This town..., had a factory of Herval......"
"It seems to have left with a lot of resentment."
"Come in."
"Revan wants talking."
"I've decided to accept your request. "
"Hey..., Revan!?" "Enli, explain it." "OK."
"According to the pol..., our client, the RFOI is divided into two main groups..."
"It seems that the Federationists who are minions of the Federation, and the non-Federationists who are trying to be the real anti-fegear, are at odds with each other."
"Those who attacked us and captured Kal-bro and Fol are surely the non-Federationists."
"Hey, I knew it. Let's not do this."
"You're too scared of their name."
"These guys lost because they couldn't fight seriously against the flesh and blood."
"We can do it." "We've fought flesh and blood humans in fegear many times before."
"However, there is a risk that the Federationists who use fegear appear. So..."
"We must control the non-Federationists' base at once and quickly."
"OK, it's settled. We'll have it done by noon tomorrow." "Yes!"
"Kal-bro, Fol. We surely save you..."


"Then, I'll ask for breakfast tomorrow, to-o." "OK, good nigh-t."
"You've become quite friendly with them."
"......Yes." "I heard people say they're like the devil, but..."
"They get happy to have good food and..."
"They get sad because they've been treated terribly..."
"They're humans the same as us."
"You seem to have forgotten our purpose, so I make you remember."
"We're here," "to crush them."
"They're just terrorists. It's not good enough to let them in."
"...Is the request so important?" "Very important. I can get the money if I complete the request. I need it to purchase Herval."
"Keep pretending to be a stupid good guy like that."


"I think it's not bad to exist a few idiots like you."

"Is his name... Zaman? The leader of non-Federationists..." "He will go to serve food in this area around 10:00 today."
"I've given you the information. I'll leave."




"…………" "Who the hell is that kid... He called himself a mediator with the former mayor..."
"That wasn't intimidation of human......"
"More importantly... do you trust such an information from unknown source...?"
"Yes, it' s definitely fishy, but......"

 "I trust it to get rid of those kids."
"I didn't expect those kids I joined lightly to become such eyesores, but..."
"It ends today."
"I'm gonna settle this."