Original manga in 1 page(English) "An insane housemate"

This is a 1 page manga in English of a man who started living with an AI robot as work.

Manga edition

Original manga in 1 page(English) "An insane housemate"

Movie edition

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"Haven't you found a new job yet? Even you can do..." "I know. I'm searchin..."
"Just living with high performance AI robot...?" "Good salary, and even I can probably do."
"Hey, don't put shoes in the fridge!"
"Don't pour coffee in a bowl!"

(AI robots still have problems.)

"High performance? That's just plain stupid!!" "The purpose of this project is to collect "common sense" data for AI..."
"I don't care! I'm going to quit such a..." "Sorry..."
"Can you teach me how to use this...?" "You're the only man I can count on..."
"Hmph, you're such a good steward." "Follow me."