Original manga in 1 page(English) "My price"

1 page manga in English of a young man in a future society where the value of an individual is quantified

Original manga in 1 page(English) "My price"

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"Good morning."
"Based on your mental strength, physical strength, and health status..." "Central bank gave you 14277 yen as available account."
"............" "It decreases..."
"If your price exceeds 100000 yen, I may associate with yo-u."
"Sorry. Our restaurant refuses customer under 40000 yen."
"I recommend more nutritious food for your health status." "There's no help. I don't have much money."
"...I sleep now." "When I don't sleep enough, my price decreases..."
"I hope my price becomes higher tomorrow..."


Central Bank
Today's your available account 13281yen(↓456yen)