Original manga in 1 page(English) "Rocket flies by dream"

This is a 1 page manga in English of boys who have dreamof becoming rocket developers at a school.

Original manga in 1 page(English) "Rocket flies by dream"

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"What's the fuel for the rocket?" "Um... what's it?"
"That in solid rockets is butyl rubber, and that in liquid rockets is liquid hydrogen and so on." "Hmph, study up on it."
"You'll never be a rocket scientist like Dr, like that."


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"We can't build a launch pad with such a dirty school."
"It's an honor to collapse for my rocket, right? Hey, Principal." "Ah, yes..."
"I'll pay you back plenty. Expect it. Hahaha."
"Do you think what's the fuel for the rocket...?" "......? It's butyl rubber and so on, right?"
"...No." "It's our dream......"